School of Rock music franchise students perform onstage.

Rock and roll is supposed to be fun. School of Rock encourages our students to let loose and have a good time on stage.

My daughter looks forward to coming to every class! It’s the only thing she will not miss unless she’s ill! The fact that they get to learn every instrument and be with other children in their age range is just such an amazing opportunity for their self-confidence, which is key! My daughter just went on the stage and sang with her band, and she did an amazing show! She has just grown so much since starting this amazing program!
— Bonnie Saavedra, parent, Huntington Beach, CA

I like how you get the kids playing songs right away. I hated music lessons as a child because of the boring way they taught it. So I guess it all boils down to it being FUN!
— Valerie Picchi, parent, Geneva, IL

Girl practices electric guitar at School of Rock.

Students at School of Rock are taught to play a song before they learn to read music.

Every person at School of Rock is a motivating and positive influence on my kids! From the lessons and performances and interaction with other talented youth, it has been a very rewarding experience for our family.
— Karen Farrell, parent, San Diego

The lessons are made to be fun, to allow the kids to play music before becoming too academic as traditional music schools do. As in life, we learn to speak before reading and writing. School of Rock gets you to speak music before having to read and write music.
— Maurice Brisebois, parent, Winnipeg, Canada

I love watching my son learn to play, but more than anything, I love watching him LOVE what he is doing! He loves to sing rock songs and loves playing them, too. He has only done it for 7 months now, but he is hooked. It is so fun to see his confidence grow each time he gets up on stage to perform. It is building his confidence and self-esteem so much. I am so thankful to all of the great teachers there who have made a difference for my son.
— Christen Garb, parent, San Francisco

We have tried other music programs and this was the first where Jake has progressed and done so well. The instructors are top notch and really care about the students. This is a rare and awesome thing. I could not say better things about Mike and his team!!!
— Zoraida Walker, parent, Brooklyn, NY

Amazing group of talented instructors! Those rehearsals are the most fun I have all week, hands down! Great community of people coming together to play music and have fun. I could not be happier with my experience at School of Rock!
— John Welch, adult client, Fairfield, CA

School of Rock staff posing for a group photo.

Everyone at School of Rock is invested in teaching kids that learning to be a musician can be a blast.

My daughter has a place where she belongs and flourishes. School of Rock has helped her grow and is like family. We love it. Thanks, School of Rock!
— Crystal Marquez, parent, Lubbock, TX

Well-run and fun program for all ages. We are now able to live out our dreams of being rock stars!
— Al Abolhassani, parent, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

The teachers get my kids. They know their strengths and their foibles. And they always treat our kids’ growth as students like they are in it for the long haul as much as we are!
— Amber Dorko, parent, Philadelphia

School of Rock empowers kids to be the best musicians and performers they can be. It provides a fantastic, supportive environment that can literally change your kid’s life. If your child is interested in music and music performance, School of Rock is the best place to start that journey, and they will love every minute of it!
— Laura Goldstein, parent, Eden Prairie, MN

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