School of Rock is proud to introduce FrontWomen, a community resource group to support women leaders, educators and professionals. Created by School of Rock Chief Operating Officer, Stacey Ryan, and Directors of Operations, Jill Livick and Nicole Canale, the group serves as a platform to discuss and navigate complex topics regarding women in leadership roles. The company hopes the initiative will include all School of Rock partners and vendors in the coming years.

“Bringing women’s voices to the fore is critical for business success,” said Stacey Ryan, COO of School of Rock. “Stepping into a senior leadership role reinforced a huge opportunity and sense of responsibility to rock the boat and make meaningful change.”

School of Rock employees from all over the world attended the first virtual FrontWomen meeting. The group plans to meet quarterly, with guest speakers in C-level positions already scheduled. A quarterly newsletter is also in the works, which will include resources, websites, businesses, or other women-driven initiatives that the FrontWomen community finds impactful.

“FrontWomen is an important development for School of Rock that will have a profound impact,” said Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock. “We are working to empower women on all fronts, including career development, creative expression, and personal well being.”

School of Rock is constantly expanding its diverse curriculum to include additional music by female artists and have written several articles for the website about the powerhouse women of the music industry, including Celebrating Female Artists: Part 1, Celebrating Female Artists: Part 2, and Celebrating Female Artists: Part 3. Additional articles such as “Female Guitarists Everyone Should Know” and “Female Drummers Everyone Should Know” are being published in August and September to continue to showcase the power of women in music.