School of rock franchise reviews: our music franchise owners are driven by passion

This is a fulfilling enterprise. This is really about self-actualization and achieving a dream of having a high-profile positive impact in the community. You can look long and hard from Alaska to Miami, but it’s really difficult to find a business you can start that’s actually fun. Maybe you can make $100 more a month at a franchise deli shop, but you’re making sandwiches. This is so much more unique.


Franchise Owner, Chicago West School of Rock

Most of the kids who come to School of Rock are just drifting through school, they’re not plugged in anywhere. Their parents are frustrated. They’ve tried band, they’ve tried soccer — nothing sticks. They feel like failures. They send their kids to School of Rock and now they’re plugged in, they’ve got a network of friends, they’ve got mentors in our teachers, they’re performing on stage, they’re confident. Their parents are over the moon.


Franchise Owner, Carmel and Fishers, IN, School of Rock

I am 100% meeting my goals. For me, the School of Rock investment is amazing. It’s central to everything I’m about. I care about people, I care about helping kids, I love music and we’re generating cash. It’s phenomenal.


Former School of Rock CEO, Chatham, NJ School of Rock & Cresskill and Clark, NJ, School of Rock

There’s absolutely nothing like it. It’s a proven model: The opportunity and the structure of the business and the programs are a success. There’s nothing out there in the majority of markets I know of that can compete on that level. You may have some mom-and-pop type of schools that do something similar, but we’re a global brand.


Franchise Owner, Fayetteville, AR, School of Rock

The culture we cultivate at School of Rock, it’s a second home. People make friends. This is a special place; it’s not like any other place you go to. Everyone is treated with respect and kindness, and we embrace diversity. Maybe kids aren’t treated nicely or they’re bullied at regular school. At School of Rock, you feel safe. You can be who you are.


Franchise Owner, Germantown, TN, School of Rock

I was talking to a lot of different friends with similar-sized businesses in and out of franchising. I was looking through all the Yelp reviews for School of Rock and I couldn’t find a bad one. Some Schools have 40 reviews and you can barely find anything negative. I saw the strength of School of Rock. All my customer experiences are glowingly positive.


Franchise Owner, Arlington Heights, IL, School of Rock

This is a special place; it’s not like any other place you go to.

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