As part of a growing, passionate community dedicated to enriching lives, School of Rock believes it is part of our mission to shine a light on the work and legacy of female musicians and songwriters. Female artists have had to fight to be heard alongside their male counterparts. While most are familiar with high-profile female vocalists, there have been far fewer female bands, musicians, songwriters, and producers in the spotlight.

School of Rock has curated a handful of resource articles that highlight various female musicians whose contributions may have been historically overlooked. Each made significant advances in their respective areas, often blazing a path for others to follow. There is no way to call out every important female musician, but the list featured aims to be a good start.

In addition to these articles, School of Rock will be adding new songs and performance show themes featuring female music artists to our proprietary curriculum. This will allow our students to learn more about these artists while they perform their music.

These articles were developed and co-written by a dedicated and passionate group of instructors and staff members from our very own schools.

Explore the articles here.