Colorfully dressed youngsters pose in front of a sign that says “Summerfest.”

Top School of Rock students get a chance to tour like professional musicians by auditioning for a spot in our AllStars program.

As educators, we’re trailblazers with our performance-based model of music instruction. You may already be familiar with the movie that bears our name. Yes, we were the little startup that inspired that movie, but the real-life School of Rock is so much more. Today we’re a 200-unit global brand.  We have schools in 10 countries and continue to develop and open new schools across the world.

The conventional method of music instruction is that you must master musical concepts before you move on to play songs that actually inspire you.  Our approach is different. You start by learning to play and perform the songs that inspire you, and through that process you will develop mastery of music theory with the added benefit of knowing how to play with others

Our unique approach to instruction and our love of rock music help young, aspiring musicians find themselves, hone their talents and build the confidence they need in their lives. School of Rock is a safe place for kids to learn, develop friendships with other kids who are into music and carve out a niche for themselves in a world where they might never have felt a sense of belonging before.


Photo of School of Rock's Chief Development Officer Tony Padula

Whether you’re a musician looking to build their first business venture or an experienced business executive looking to buy a franchise, we’ve built up an incredible support team to provide you with everything you need to build your business.

“When a new franchise candidate signs up to become a franchisee, we provide them with a guaranteed weekly exchange and communication with their Franchise Business Consultant,” says Chief Development Officer Anthony Padulo. “On a weekly basis, they are going to touch base with their consultant on a number of things: marketing, staffing, construction, architectural drawings, business systems and music programming — everything.”

The support doesn’t end when the lease is signed on the new school site.

“The support teams we have in place include marketing, operations, music programming, IT — we have several folks that work at a help desk that are available to answer technical-related questions throughout the day,” Padulo says. “Our response rates are excellent. Our franchise owners are going to receive a level of support on all aspects of their business that is, I would say, the best in the industry.”

– Chief Development Officer, Anthony Padulo


A group of smiling teenage boys and their instructor mug for the camera and hold up rock-and-roll signs with their fingers.

School of Rock instructors encourage a child’s strengths, challenge him to overcome his weaknesses and help provide him with the tools he needs to navigate life with confidence.

Plenty of kids out there grow up without a tribe to call their own. If they are not naturally extroverted and self-confident, if they don’t easily engage other kids or they’re not natural athletes, or they just haven’t honed in on their particular interests, fitting in can be hard. But over and over again at School of Rock, parents and teachers and the kids themselves tell us how our education franchise has given these lost kids a place to belong and how they’ve blossomed at school.

For a kid who never fit into team sports or any of those other worlds, the implications are far-reaching. For a music-loving entrepreneur, the rewards go far beyond financial.

What we’re focused on is the mission of School of Rock, which is inspiring kids to rock on stage and in life,” says Steve McFarland, a multi-unit owner and executive business coach in Indiana. “One mom came up to me and said, ‘I don’t think my daughter could have made it through another year of high school without School of Rock.’ She didn’t have any friends and she just wasn’t plugged in. There were tears in this woman’s eyes. Now her daughter is confident and she has friends and she is plugged in. She’s found her passion.”

Kids who are in those group programs stay longer, and they’re much happier with the experience that they’re getting.




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