A woman smashes an acoustic guitar onto the parking lot asphalt as a group of onlookers cheer her on.

Some people cut ribbons to celebrate a grand opening; we smash guitars. You’ll celebrate the amount of support you get as a franchisee, for your grand opening and beyond.

Our music education franchise is one that naturally inspires passion, but passion doesn’t pay the light bill, and you’ve got to have more than heart on the bottom line. Over our two-decade history, we’ve come up with a proven set of systems for School of Rock franchisee support that have been so successful, we’ve never closed a single franchised location.

In the past three years alone we’ve added 59 locations, and we now have over 190 units in the U.S. and eight other countries worldwide. Our support system is based on our extensive experience over the past couple of decades, and we’ve gained tremendous insight into what works and what doesn’t.

“We have 25,000 students enrolled in our schools, and so with that footprint, with that penetration into communities that we serve, we have a great insight into how to better serve our franchisees and how to better lead them through the process of developing a music school in their communities,” says CEO and President Rob Price. “With our rapid growth in the past few years, we have further developed our expertise around franchisee support through training and technology and then operational support and marketing support.

“That’s why we have been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as the leader in after school programs franchising.”

As a franchisor, whatever expertise we can share with our franchisees helps us all fulfill School of Rock’s mission to transform kids’ lives through music.


From the moment you sign a franchise agreement, our team springs into action to help create your personal road to success. From the real estate search to making sure you open with a sufficient number of students, our team is at your disposal.

“We have a comprehensive process that we start months in advance of opening a location,” says Elliot Baldini, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We have a series of support calls, and we walk owners through every step of the process.”

Justin Nihiser, Vice President of Franchise Operations, says each new franchise owner is assigned a Franchise Business Consultant and is put in touch with our project manager in charge of new school openings.

“They’re going to have a weekly touch-base meeting where we use project management software that allows them to communicate with their consultant on a number of things. Marketing, staffing, construction, architectural drawings, business programming, everything,” he says. “That contact and support last for the duration of your franchise agreement.”


The support doesn’t end there. We have teams in place to help franchisees with operations, marketing and IT, including a 24-hour help desk to address technology-related issues. After we develop plans, we go into execution mode. We provide tools so franchisees can chart their own progress as they build up their business, and we make sure our support teams are available and responsive.

“Our response rates are excellent,” says Nihiser. “Our franchisees receive a level of support in all aspects of their business that is, I would say, the highest in the industry.”

School of Rock walks franchisees through every step of the process while still allowing them latitude to adjust our systems in a way that best suits their individual markets.

“At the end of the day, everything lines up so that when you have your grand opening of your school, you have a lot of people attend that event,” Baldini says. “Then, you ultimately have the number of enrolled students that you need. And that’s going to set you up for success in the long run.”


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School of Rock’s mission is to transform children’s lives through music. Our franchise support is designed to help you successfully carry out that mission.

Our students perform 4,000 live shows per year, and our enrollment worldwide is 25,000 — and growing.

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