School of Rock is the best franchise to buy for entrepreneurs

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School of Rock is the best franchise to buy for those with a passion for music, a love of children and a willingness to give back to their community. An ideal School of Rock franchisee candidate believes in our brand and our mission of providing a safe space for students to develop into musicians.

Candidates must believe in their ability to run a successful franchise. They ask the right questions in order to succeed. They must also be able to live within the process we’ve outlined, especially for the first year or two.

How to Research Franchise Opportunities

Before looking into the best franchise to buy, candidates should always research to learn more about their options. At School of Rock, we advise our candidates to begin their research with our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) to gain insights into our brand and our vision for the next 3-5 years. We also encourage candidates to reach out to our franchisees to validate their findings or ask any questions. Candidates should also read industry publications like franchise updates, Forbes or Entrepreneur for any growth segments about the fastest growing franchises.

1. How well-known is the brand?

When buying a franchise, you’ll want to look into the brand you’re researching and gauge how well it’s known. School of Rock encourage candidates to ask their friends and locals about School of Rock to measure the awareness of the brand in the neighborhood they plan to start their music school.

In addition to speaking with your community, candidates should conduct a Google search and check social media channels to assess the local awareness of School of Rock. Candidates should also check for customer reputation, franchisee reviews and overall vision of the brand.

2. How much control do franchisees have?

For any franchise, you’ll want to know how much control you’ll have over day-to-day operations. The amount of control a franchisee has over their business varies from franchise to franchise. At School of Rock, our candidates must understand that they’re buying into a proven system. The franchisee maintains our standards and is the care holder of our trademark on the local level. We’re always looking to improve and we listen to our franchisees for ideas on how to make our brand stronger. However, all ideas must apply to our brand as a whole and we make no compromises on the safety of our students.

Most franchisees spend the first few years developing a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Once they’ve built a solid foundation, franchisees generally start to get creative. For instance, all franchisees must offer dedicated School of Rock programs, but franchisees are in charge of determining specific aspects of the curriculum, like the genre of rock or the artists that are covered.

Franchisees also have flexibility when it comes to customizing their own location, and have the power to create their own rock-based design theme so long as it adheres to School of Rock requirements. When building their team, franchisees also have complete control over managing their staff and can determine who to hire and schedule as they see fit.

These are only some of the many ways franchisees can run their business, but the examples don’t end there. For more information about what franchisees can do with their School of Rock, contact us or read franchisee reviews to see what others are saying.

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3. What kind of equipment do franchisees need?

Like any business, it’s important to understand the equipment or capital investments needed to start your franchise. At School of Rock, candidates will need musical and educational equipment for teaching students how to play.

For a complete list of all equipment required by School of Rock, candidates will have access to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) during the application process. Interested candidates can reach out to our development team to gain access to our FDD.

4. Are there available franchise opportunities in your area?

Before buying a franchise, candidates first should verify that there are opportunities available in their area. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how to start a School of Rock franchise in your area.

When looking to buy a School of Rock franchise, we advise our candidates to choose a space that’s at least 2,500-square-feet and located in an area of commerce. We have partnerships with real estate brokers and architects to assist you during this process.

5. How much support does the franchisor provide?

When running a business, you don’t always want to go it all alone. That’s why School of Rock provides franchisees with all the tools and guidelines needed for success. Our ultimate goal is to efficiently minimize the time it takes from signing on the dotted line to opening your doors.

What goes into owning a School of Rock franchise?

For those who aren’t quite sure how to buy a franchise and turn it into a successful business, we’re going to tell you how it’s done and why we’re ranked among children’s franchises as the No. 1 Child Enrichment Program by Entrepreneur magazine.

With your staff of instructors, usually about 20 or so part-timers per school, you’ll be working day after day with professional musicians passionate about teaching their skills to children. And you will be afforded franchise training and support from industry experts who are just as connected to music as you and your staff are.

To help our franchisees manage their day-to-day operations, all franchisees are required to attend a four-day management course in Chicago where they will partake in an immersive training program that covers all aspects of what maintaining a franchise location entails. This includes marketing, employee management, IT overviews and more.

School of Rock Provides Franchise Support to Help You Succeed

Chief Development Officer Tony Padulo standing and looking into the camera

Whether you’re a musician looking to build their first business venture or an experienced business executive looking to buy a franchise, we’ve built up an incredible support team to provide you with everything you need to build your business.

“When a new franchise candidate signs up to become a franchisee, we provide them with a guaranteed weekly exchange and communication with their Franchise Business Consultant,” says Chief Development Officer Anthony Padulo. “On a weekly basis, they are going to touch base with their consultant on a number of things: marketing, staffing, construction, architectural drawings, business systems and music programming — everything.”

The support doesn’t end when the lease is signed on the new school site.

“The support teams we have in place include marketing, operations, music programming, IT — we have several folks that work at a help desk that are available to answer technical-related questions throughout the day,” Padulo says. “Our response rates are excellent. Our franchise owners are going to receive a level of support on all aspects of their business that is, I would say, the best in the industry.”

– Chief Development Officer, Anthony Padulo

Grand Opening Franchise Support

From the moment you sign a franchise agreement, our team springs into action to help create your personal road to success. From the real estate search to making sure you open with a sufficient number of students, our team is at your disposal.

“We have a comprehensive process that we start months in advance of opening your new franchise,” says Elliot Baldini, Chief Marketing Officer. “We have a series of support calls and we walk franchisees through every step of the process.”

At the start, each new franchise owner is assigned a Franchise Business Consultant and is put in touch with our project manager in charge of new school openings.

Our franchise support team will provide weekly touch-base meetings where they use project management software that allows franchisees to communicate with their consultant on any number of projects. No matter the task, School of Rock franchisees will have the contact and support they need for the entire duration of owning their franchise.

Students pose for a group picture after a successful performance at Summerfest

Ongoing Franchise Training & Support

The support doesn’t end there. We also offer continuous training with teams in place to help franchisees with operations, marketing and IT, including a 24-hour help desk to address technology-related issues. Once you’ve bought your new franchise, we go into execution mode. We provide tools so franchisees can chart their own progress as they build up their business and we make sure our franchise support teams are available and responsive.

Our response rates are excellent and franchisees receive a level of support in all aspects of their business that is the highest in the industry. School of Rock walks franchisees through every step of owning a franchise while still allowing them latitude to adjust our systems in a way that best suits their individual markets.

“At the end of the day, everything lines up so that when you have the grand opening of your school, you have a lot of people attend that event,” Baldini says. “Then, you ultimately have the number of enrolled students that you need. And that’s going to set you up for success in the long run.”

Boy playing guitar onstage during a School of Rock franchise show

School of Rock’s mission is to transform children’s lives through music. Our franchise support is designed to help you successfully carry out that mission.

Can you speak with other franchisees to find out more?

Yes, and we encourage our candidates to speak with our franchisees. We will provide you with a list of all current and former franchisees for you to contact to gain additional insights as to who we are as a brand and our company culture.

Does the franchisor offer ongoing support after initial training?

Yes, School of Rock supports our entrepreneurs long after they start their new franchise. We offer IT support which includes access to customized task management and internal social productivity sites.

Will I get any help with managing my staff?

Yes, School of Rock provides our franchisees with the tools and guidelines for employee engagement as well as the hiring and firing process. However, the franchisee is solely responsible for managing their employees.

Will I have assistance in managing my finances?

We connect new owners with financial advisors during the initial stage of buying their franchise. Financial advisors help guide the franchisee as they determine the best way to finance their location. However, the franchisee is solely responsible for managing their own finances.

Our partnerships with vendors of music gear will not only help you to have the best deals to equip your school, but will also offer discounts to your employees, helping you to attract and keep local talent.

Does the franchisor support marketing?

Yes, School of Rock provides marketing support to our franchisees for their grand opening, for lead generation and for email.

Understanding the costs of franchise ownership

When buying your franchise, the initial investment can range from $192,150 to $422,100. This includes a one-time franchise fee of $49,500, a $10,000 signage fee, three months of working capital, $15,000 to $30,000 for equipment, etc. For a complete breakdown of costs, visit our startup costs page.

Ways to finance your franchise

Our candidates may choose from the following three options to finance their School of Rock franchise:

  1. Self-Financing
  2. A General SBA Loan – Requires a 15-to-20% cash injection
  3. 401k Rollover, which allows franchisees to borrow against their own money.

Candidates may also choose to work with one of our financial advisor partners. Contact us to learn more about how you can finance your own School of Rock.

Franchise owners pose during a School of Rock event

Everyone at School of Rock is invested in teaching kids that learning to be a musician can be a blast.

Additional questions to ask before buying a franchise

1. How long has the franchise been running? And, how many School of Rock franchise locations are there today?

Since we began franchising in 2008, School of Rock franchisees started and grew more than 220+ locations in 9 countries across the world. That’s an average of 20 new franchises opening every year.

We have 20 years of experience specializing in music education. Eleven of those years have been spent expanding both our national and international presence.

2. How much money can I make?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any projected revenue as we are governed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). However, historical P and L and additional information is available upon request. We also welcome our candidates to contact both current and previous franchisees to discuss any further questions.

Money isn’t the only driving force for our School of Rock franchisees. You will be filled with the satisfaction of watching your students develop from bashful and self-conscious pupils to musicians who can own a stage.

Have more questions?

Check out our School of Rock Franchising FAQ page or contact us to speak with our development team about how to start your franchise today.

Request Franchise Information

You can call us (866) 418-7695 to learn more about your School of Rock franchise opportunity, or fill out the form on this page to download our Executive Summary, which includes more in-depth financial information including Item 19 and Item 7 from the Franchise Disclosure Document.