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Because School of Rock is so unique as a franchise, we have little competition to slow our growth. We can boast more than with 300 locations in 15 countries around the world — and we’re embarking on an ambitious growth and expansion plan.

Even with so many current franchise locations, School of Rock still has many new franchise opportunities available for interested musicians and entrepreneurs looking to make changes in their local community.

Current Franchise Locations

View the map below to see where School of Rock has current franchise locations. Contact our team if you’re interested in learning more about our business and franchise opportunities.


Few things cross language barriers like music. Our successful business model is founded on a passion for music and education. That’s a message that comes through loud and clear no matter where you are in the world.

As School of Rock continues on its rapid growth streak internationally, we’re seeking resourceful, experienced franchisees abroad who have the passion and drive to seize global franchising opportunities. These master franchisees are pioneers who can take on high-level responsibilities and duties, working to establish a corporate presence in countries currently without School of Rock locations.

Interested in becoming a master franchisee? Contact our team to learn more about the exciting new business franchise opportunities you’ll have with School of Rock.

School of rock’s international franchise locations

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Searching for available School of Rock franchise opportunities in your area?

For entrepreneurs looking to buy into a franchise, School of Rock provides an opportunity to invest in a scalable, proven business model with more than 20 years of experience. Our franchise offers the opportunity to be involved in a business where musicians can indulge in their passion for music and transform children’s lives in their local community. If you’re committed to our mission, we’re interested in working with you as an individual entrepreneur or organization.

Don’t see available franchise opportunities near you?

Contact us to learn more about franchise availability in your community of interest and discover whether there’s current availability to own a School of Rock near you.

Our music school transforms lives

“I sold junk food and sugar water for a career. It wasn’t that rewarding,” says Ken Hall, our Germantown, Tennessee, franchisee who previously worked for a large snack food and soda manufacturer. “At School of Rock, we change kids’ lives every day.”

“Kids come in and they won’t even look you in the eye, they’re so shy and unconfident,” Hall says. “Parents say they don’t like sports, but they have a thing for music, so they bring their kids into School of Rock, where they find their place and their home.”

“Six months later you see that kid, the same kid who wouldn’t look you in the eye, with a guitar in his hand, and you just know that kid feels completely different about himself. It’s awesome to see the transformation and have that be the business you’re in.”

A leader in business and music education

If you want to start or buy a music school or franchise near you, there are many outfits to choose from. But there’s only one School of Rock. With our performance-based learning technique, School of Rock stands out in the field of music education. Our music programs and curriculum combine private music lessons with group performances, getting students ready to take the stage with confidence and skill.

We believe in the importance of including music as part of a child’s upbringing, and the evidence for it has become increasingly clear. Study after study shows that children involved in music education tend to perform better academically, and playing music as part of a live band can have some of the same effects as playing sports in a team environment.

“Six months later you see that kid, the same kid who wouldn’t look you in the eye, with a guitar in his hand, and you just know that kid feels completely different about himself. It’s awesome to see the transformation and have that be the business you’re in.”

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At School of Rock, we believe diversity cultivates creativity and innovation, inspires high-quality decisions and promotes economic growth. Our company is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within our schools and throughout our system. People of all ethnicities, genders, orientations, religions and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join the School of Rock family if they are able to meet the franchising requirements.